Our Products and Solutions

Our products and solutions are designed and built on Sycapt unified OLTP platform. They can serve a variety of business requirements and complex business rules.

Below are some of our standard products with brief information:

Dynamic Currency
Conversion (DCC)
Fleet Card System
Payment Plan (IPP)
Gateway & Switching
Payment System
Alipay & WeChat
Acquiring System
Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) System

DCC is also known as Cardholder Preferred Currency (CPC) service. Our solution offers the acquirer the ability to recognize foreign card transactions and provides the option for the cardholder to pay in the merchant based currency or the cardholder’s home currency. It can support multiple payment channels such as EDC, ATM, or Internet Payment Gateway. The exchange rate setting is very flexible. It can be configured with a different rate for each combination of card scheme, currency, merchant, and channel. It is also equipped with a risk prevention feature to avoid excessive loss from exchange rate fluctuation and staleness.

Fleet Card System

Fleet Card System

Our solution is a complete fleet management system consisting of issuing and acquiring modules. It offers various types of cards, such as credit, pre-paid, and in-house cards. It can track and control the usage of product types, both fuel and non-fuel, credit limits of cards and companies, usage limit (daily, weekly, monthly), permitted stations, etc. The system provides a full range of analytical fleet management reports for oil companies, fleet customers, and gas stations.

Installment Payment Plan (IPP)

Installment Payment Plan (IPP) System

Our solution can integrate with existing credit card systems to enhance payment transactions with installment plan options for cardholders. The IPP System provides a flexible campaign setup which supports product setup, interest charge and fees, installment period, and minimum/maximum amounts. The system automatically calculates the installment amount of each campaign according to the campaign setup. Interest charge schemes can be configured to share between three parties, namely cardholder, merchants, and suppliers.

Meaning, it allows the bank to offer 0% interest plan to the cardholder while the interest charge will be shared between the merchant and/or the supplier of the product. Each merchant can have multiple campaigns in the same period and the cardholder can choose their preferred installment campaigns.

Recurring Payment System

Recurring Payment System 

This solution is used for processing recurring payment transactions by credit cards in a card-not-present (CNP) manner. The system accepts multiple input file formats from merchants for their periodic charges of products or services. The transactions will be processed and sent to bank’s host for approval. After each job completes, the system will automatically consolidate reports and send the reports to the bank's operator and the merchant. Our solution is very robust and provides high transaction throughput.


Alipay and WeChat Acquiring System 

The system provides full acquiring functions for Alipay and WeChat Pay wallets. It offers merchant on-boarding, transaction authorization, and clearing and settlement. Our solution accepts multiple device types such as cash registers (ECR), Android EDCs, legacy EDCs, and mobile devices with different message protocols such as ISO8583 and web service API. The system provides a state-of-the-art unified message format between client devices and the online service modules. Any future changes on the server side will not affect the applications on the client devices. The back office module is responsible for keeping all merchant information, KYC, and MDR.

Transaction Gateway&Switching

Transaction Gateway & Switching

The Transaction Switching is one of our strong solutions built on the Sycapt core switching engine. We can design the solution to fit customer requirements, which may have multiple host connections. Each connection can have a different message protocol, such as ISO8583, web service API, proprietary protocol, etc. In addition, it can be customized to serve complex business rules, which are hard to enhance on the existing legacy system.

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